We have a mysterious benefactor!

We have a story to tell you. Once upon a time as a committee meeting was in full swing a little girl was quietly listening at the door. She heard plans for fundraising, for approaching businesses, for persuading people to support a failing fundraising campaign.

That night she wrote a letter to the Queen, because she wanted to help, and because she believed that the Queen would help. Her letter made us cry because, well, we’re a bit soppy, but we were inspired by her childish enthusiasm. It sparked a cascade of similar letters, but not just to the Queen. Our kids wrote to David Cameron, CPFC, to Steve Reed MP, to Greg Clark MP, to William and Kate, to Boris…they wrote to everyone – around 30 letters in all, handwritten in pencil, felt pen with stickers and drawings on them. Every letter was wonderful, but of course met with officious replies telling us Sorry we can’t help.

But it didn’t end there, because whilst the Queen didn’t send us money – someone else did. That secret £1,000 that landed magically into our latest fundraising pot came on the back of one of those letters. Someone cared.

We thought you might like to know that, we will show you the all the letters the kids wrote in all their marvellous felt tip glory here soon.

LPAG are on the final phase of fundraising now for match funding and we are applying for major grants. We will also be running events this summer (put 9th July in your diary now for our summer event!)

If you’d like to donate here is our current link






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