The Lakes Playground Action Group was formed in January 2013. We are a group of local volunteers aiming to enable a better play experience for children who visit South Norwood Lake and Grounds.

We have consulted with the local community, from which a new playground design has been created. We are now actively fundraising and applying for community grants and hope to build the new playground in 2017.

Get involved! Like to join our group? Have fundraising ideas? Please leave a comment here with your contact details or email lakesplay@hotmail.co.uk

Follow us! Join our Facegroup group here or follow us on twitter @lakesplay.

Photographs with thanks, by Vijay Jethwa


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi ,
    I actually worked on that playground many years ago as the installer but for a different company 🙂
    I now run GLSPLAY and would really like to help with your project, we are aware of the larger companies and the costs involved and that is why GLS was formed, to be able to offer value for money and PLAY value for that money.

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