Our journey

How to redevelop a playground in 10 ‘easy’ steps:

1. Form a committee, sort charity status and legalities – check
2. Conduct thorough consultation, run workshops, work with key local groups – check
3. Liaise with council, designers, community, draw up plans, costs etc – check
4. Come up with plan to raise £100k and learn how to be a fundriaser, campaigner, playground expert – check
5. Apply for various smaller grants – check
6. Fundraise certain % by running crowdfund campaign and other events to enable you to apply for other ‘big grants’ – check
7. Secure CIL /section 106 funding (another 20%) – check
8. Apply for ‘the big grant’ and secure third party funding *outstanding action
9. Build a new playground *outstanding action
10. Open it, watch children play, drink champagne, vow never to do this again! *outstanding action

We are on number 8. Only three more steps to go and the last one sounds easy!!

This tree infographic shows how we will reach our fundraising target:


Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 21.45.10