We are a group of local parents called who came together in 2013 to form the Lakes Playground Action Group. Our aim is to proactively raise funds to regenerate the much loved children’s playground at South Norwood Lake.

Serving the local Crystal Palace and South Norwood communities, the Lake and Grounds is a beautiful park which features the only expanse of open water in Croydon, holds the prestigious Blue Flag status and houses recreational activities including sailing, tennis and bowls. The children’s playground is well-used and enjoyed but sadly hasn’t been invested in for years, with some equipment now out of service and the rest looking tired and in need of updating.

Our ambition is to create a fresh, inviting and imaginative space for children to enjoy for many years to come. We have consulted with the local community in order to create a design for a new playground which is inclusive, innovative and captures the imagination of children of all ages.

Our plan is to:

  • Install new, modern equipment and upgrade some of the existing which is a better state of repair
  • Lay new child-safe flooring
  • Engage children of all ages from toddlers to over 7s and those with special needs
  • Ensure the space is sympathetic to its woodland environment

Why are we doing this:

From consulting with the local community it is clearly apparent that there is a need and desire to improve this space. Currently the playground does not live up to the standards of its beautiful natural surroundings nor does it offer the children who use it much variety of play.

We have been very well supported by local parents, Croydon Council and local MP Steve Reed who has publically endorsed our group saying: “South Norwood Lake and Grounds is a much loved local park, and I support the initiative to create innovative play spaces for all of the local community to enjoy.”

This is the only playground within a mile radious and upgrading it will offer future generations of children a fantastic space for them to exercise, socialise and use their imagination.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Continue to work closely with Croydon Council
  • Keep the local community informed of our progress
  • Upgrade and install equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible

We have been actively fundraising and applying for grants and have so far raised over £35,000 to date with the overall cost of our new design at £100,000. Our plan is to complete grant application and fundraising activity by the end of 2016 and install the new playground in 2017.

The new playground is designed, with thanks to many local school children who we engaged throughout the process:

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